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Take Control of Your Investing Life. Attend Official Asset’s Value Investing Workshop And Learn to Make Your Money Work Hard for You

Value investing as a discipline dates back to the mid-1930s when Benjamin Graham wrote Security Analysis. Graham has had his successors, most notable being Warren Buffett and Walter Schloss, who have practiced this art of sensible stock picking to create tremendous amount of wealth over the decades.

Now, despite the fact the broader environment in which businesses operate and the way in which they create or destroy value has changed over the years, the basic principles driving value investing have remained unchanged. These core principles of value investing have stood the test of time. In our one-day Value Investing Workshop, we take a deep dive into these very principles of the art of value investing and how investors can apply them to their personal investment decision making.

Apart from teaching the process of picking the right kind of businesses using the rules of value investing, the Workshop also cover the core ideas in Behavioural Finance – how cognitive biases hurt our investment returns, and steps an investor must take to minimize the mistakes on this account.

Overall, we have sifted through a mountain of amazing books, documents, lectures, plus our own experiences in investing to bring to the table the most important practical ideas in becoming a sensible, successful, long term investor.

This is your opportunity to become a simpler, sensible, and successful long-term investor, and avoid the uncertainty and outlandish time and pain that you would otherwise spend doing it all alone.

All in all, if you want to take control of your investing life but don’t know how to do it, and make your money work hard for you by learning how to invest sensibly, this Workshop can be a valuable one-day spent for you.

Value Investing Workshop – Curriculum

Here are the most important topics that we cover in the Workshop:

  • 1. Eight practical lessons I’ve learned over 5+ years of investing
  • 2. Factors that drive stock market returns (they are not what you think)
  • 3. Three fundamental forces of stock market investing
  • 4. Investment success – Luck or skill?
  • 5. Compounding and how most investors ignore its potent power

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